Available Classes


ALS/BLS Interface Class - Required by the state every 2 years, reviews what all providers can do when an ALS call is going on.     4 hours

Back to Basics - Let's go back in time..back to our testing day for the state.  Reviews backboarding, KED, splinting, etc.                  2 hours

Emergency Reponse to Africanized Honey Bees - Goes over what happens when they attack.  Watch out, they're here too!            2 hours

EMS Buffet - This is when you pick the classes....Audience directs the next "mini-class"                                                                     2 hours

Assessment of the Medical Patient - Every patient is different, assessment skills are different.  Let's play detective!                          2 hours

Chemical Suicide - Reviews what happens during this increasingly popular methods.  How to keep responders safe.                       2 hours

Emergency Vehicle Operations - One of the most sophisticated pieces of equipment we have.....Safety 1st!                                     2 hours

Firefighter Deaths - The CO Connection - One of the most dangerous things that a firefighter faces.                                                  2 hours

Issues in Patient Restraints - We deal with "behavioral emergencies" all the time.  Proper assessment techniques are discussed.    2 hours

Musculoskeletal Injuries - A large % of trauma patients have injuries to the bone & joints.  Proper assessment and treatments.        2 hours

Medication Errors and Equipment Failures - What happens if we give the wrong dose of a medication or equipment fails?                2 hours

Nasal Narcan - Increased use of narcotics in this country, we need new weaponry. Come find out about this tool.                             2 hours

Obstetrics & Childbirth - Nothing is as rewarding as delivering a baby.  Practice delivering a baby in the classroom setting.              2 hours

Prehospital Management of the Hypothermic Patient - With the colder weather approaching, patients are exposed the cold.             2 hours

Report Writing/Write it Right - Documentation is one of the most important parts of our job.  Learn how to document properly.          2 hours

Syncope - The In's and Out's of Passing Out - This issue has so many causes.  Come review some of them.                                    2 hours

CEVO - Coaching the Emergency Vehicle Operator - Certification class. Reviews all aspects of emergency driving.                          5 hours

Prehospital Management of Opthalmic Injuries - A lot of providers don't like working with eye injuries. Come "see" how to.                2 hours

Stretcher Operation and Safety - Another important piece of equipment.  Improper use = bad outcomes.                                           2 hours

Pain Management - A double edged sword.  Many patients don't receive pain medication when they need it.                                    2 hours

MOLST/CC DNR - Reviews the latest program for end of life decisions.                                                                                               2 hours

Como Morimos (How we Die) - Find out what happens when we die.  When our patient's take their last breath.                                 2 hours

Ventricular Assist Devices (VAD's) - Breakthroughs in medicine, people are living with these devices.  What if they stop working?    3 hours

Carbon Monoxide (CO) Poisoning - As seasons change, people need warmth.  Come see about this deadly condition.                     2 hours

Abuse & Neglect - Learn about what happens when someone is abused.  Learn about our responsibilities as mandated reporters.   2 hours

Bioterrorism and WMD - We have to be vigilent when it comes to terrorism.  See how to keep yourself safe.                                      2 hours

Temerature Regulation Disorders - Hypo and Hyperthermia issues.  Review how to recognize and treat each issue.                         2 hours

Patient Refusals - One of the most difficult calls we will face as a provider.  Documentation is key.  Come find out how.                    2 hours

SMART Triage Tag System - Help sort out patients during an MCI.  Covers the state requirement for this.                                         2 hours

Mechanism of Injury - All injuries have an MOI.  One thing to treat it, another to see the "WHYs"                                                         2 hours

Thermal Burns - Come see this "hot" topic when we discuss burns and how to treat them.                                                                  2 hours

NIMS - the Role in EMS - Go over rules that govern MCIs.  Includes classroom and practical applications.                                         2 hours

Lifting and Moving - Its difficult to use proper "body mechanics".  Discuss how to use them and the risks if you don't.                        2 hours

EZ-IO - When IV access can't be obtained, used the device to gain IV access.  Review of procedures.                                              2 hours - P Only

Anaphylaxis and the Epi-Pen - Can be a scary thing. Learn the signs and symptoms and how to use the Epi-Pens.                           2 hours

EMS Medical/Legal Issues - Class reviews consent, minors, refusals and how to document them.                                                      2 hours

EMS Communcations/Can we Talk the Talk? - Communication is a very important skill.                                                                      2 hours

Ambulance Operations - Safe operations, knowing your vehicle and what happens in the event of an accident.                                 2 hours

Crime Scene Awareness - Any community has potential of having a scene that turns into a crime scene.                                           2 hours

Medical Incident Command - Learn how to be a medical incident commander at an MCI.  Learn to deligate and step back.               2 hours

National Core Competency Programs for both EMT Basic and Paramedic


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