Dick Torrey, NREMTP I/C

Dick is the founder of Torrey Enterprises.  He is a National and Massachusetts Paramedic.  He holds instructor credentials from AHA, National Safety Council, and APCO.  He has been involved in EMS since 1983 as an EMT and since 2000 as a Paramedic.  He also holds an Extra Class Amateur Radio license.  He is also the lead instructor in all NCCR and EMS Continuing Education programs.  He lives in Coventry, Rhode Island with his wife Donna and her two daughters.

Sean Torrey, EMT-B

Sean is also one of our CPR Instructors and holds a certification as a Massachusetts EMT.  Sean has taught for a little while for us now.   He lives in New Bedford.

Kyle Torrey, EMT-P

  Kyle is one of our CPR Instructors.  He is a Massachusetts certified Paramedic.  He brings years of experience to the organization.